Is the new hire worse compared to past one?

One of the worst comments I have heard from many peers and their managers are “this new employee is doing nothing, or wrong! our X used to do this in an excellent way”.

Never do this!

May be this new hire is better than the older one. What makes you to talk like this may be one or more of these factors:

  • Some invisible mental attachment – When you work with a person for a long time, you gives some value for his/her doings.
  • The old person knows you and your organization and more importantly your work!. Educate him/her, he will also turn to a good worker. Help him whenever he/she is struck.
  • The new person is from an another organization, which follows another style. Even the finger prints of twins are different. So it will take some time for the new hire to adopt new system and fits to the new style
  • Are you jealous??? – kidding Winking smile

It takes usually 1 to 3 months or up to 6 months to make oneself fit in to an organization or job – unless you do give proper induction.

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  1. Quite True-What is essential is to give the newcomer enough room to adapt to the organization and align properly into the desired role. Often comparison-especially for posts that are a replacement-act as deterrent to properly engaging the new employee.