Ishikawa’s 7 basic tools of Quality

These are basic graphic based tools used for the troubleshooting issues related to quality. This is named after Kaoru Ishikawa, a Japanese University Professor.

Cause and Effect Diagrams
Ishikawa Diagrams
Fishbone Diagrams
Herringbone Diagrams
Fishikawa Diagrams
Used to show how factors linked to issues
Control Charts This is basically used to check whether a process is in control.
Flowcharts Flow diagrams
Histogram It is a vertical bar chart which is used to identify how often a variable state is occurred.
Pareto Chart This is a type of histogram but it is ordered by frequency of occurrence. The name case from the relation of Pareto’s Law – which says a relatively small number of causes will produce a majority of problems/defects. (80/20 rule. i.e., 80% problems are cased by 20% of causes)
Run Chart A run chart displays the history and pattern of variation. It is a line graph.
Scatter Diagram Used to show relationships between two variables.


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