Roles and Responsibilities of Team Members

Once I was talking to a CEO in his cabin and one of his accountant rushed there asking some basic questions “whether I have to do this or that or those…blah”. When he left the bozz said to me – “every one needs spoon feeding”.

Recently I saw an email sent by a project manager to do a hardware troubleshooting job to a “Systems Analyst” and his replay was “I am not here to do this job”

Another occasion, I asked a project lead to help a tester “if” she gets struck with fetching data from the website. His ego talked me like – what can I do? even I don’t know how to fetch data, I have too many projects,….

This kind of situation exists in almost all companies and we can avoid this problem if we define clearly the roles and responsibilities of each team member and make this team member aware of this.

Fortunately, I am a person who was able to make use of even my manager to test my projects. I am not using this act in a negative sense, but really in a respectful sense. This manager knows who is he for the organization well.

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