Project CRASHing

CRASHING means reducing the project time by assigning extra resources.

Usually this method will have cost impacts.


  1. Any solution you propose?

  2. Crashing itself a solution - a crisis management solution :)

    Properly planned and managed projects will not face this situation.

  3. Crashing is a situation, it is not a solution :) Some time even properly planned projects face such issues.

  4. Yep, we can say if you want :)

    If all of the projects in your "organization" are properly planned, your project manager is really a project manager, and there is no resource overlapping (poor PMO) then it wont happen.

    And... yes, it is a situation (poor project management), same time it becomes a solution (for crisis management) also... to rescue your project.

    Care to come out of anonymity? :)

  5. There are situations especially in construction areas ( for example ) where we encounter such situations.

    Regarding anonymity if it does not suit then why dont you delete this option. :)

  6. I have to disagree, sorry.

    You are referring to firms who do resource-"adjustments", mainly small-medium firms.

    I am referring to standard firms who follow standard project management practices with a well defined organization structure and PMO.

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