RFP, RFQ, RFI, IFB - what and when

Below are the typical occations for each request:
  • RFP - Request For Proposal 
    • A very detailed and specific approach to a customized solution and a total price
  • RFQ - Request For Quote 
    • Getting prices from a company for goods or services
  • RFI - Request For Information
    • For finding potential vendors for consolidation of proposals or quotes
  • IFB - Invitation for Bid
    • Is usually a sealed bidding processes used by Govt. contracting

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  1. RFP = Request for Proposal (Solicitud de Propuesta).
    FRQ = Request for Quote (Solicitud de Cotización).
    RFI = Reques for Information (Solicitud de Información)
    IFB = Invitation for BId (Invitación para licitar).