Two brains constitute one brain

Your single brain got two different “brains”. One is “left” and the other is “right”

  • Right brain is a creative one. Mostly designers, copyrighters etc. belongs to this category.
  • Left brain is more into logical stuff. Members of this section are programmers, architects etc.

Even though everybody uses “both brains“, there will be a dominance of one side usually. You can find a more detailed reading on this topic here.

It was known from very long back that the right side of the brain controls movements of right side of the body and vise versa. But recently only studies proved about the “creative” and “logic” differentiation of brain hemispheres.


  • Emotions are right
  • Speech, language etc. are left
  • Gestures are right
  • Lawyers, Accountants, Managers etc. have more powerful left brains
  • Artists, Musicians etc. have more powerful right brains

Source: Leisure reading on Internet

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