Pronunciation learning tool

This tool will help you to access to American and British pronunciation for the doubtful words without searching the internet.

I call this tool: TFD Pronounce


Download the application from here – from 4Shared

Download the application from here – from DropBox

Points to Note:

  • When you invoke the application, the input box will auto-fill any text in the clipboard
  • When you close the application, it will be minimized to system tray. Right click to exit the application
  • This application uses to play the pronunciation.
  • Since it is a website and I use some crawling technique, this application will stop working any time when they change the website layout.
  • The application is programmed using .NET Framework 4.0 under Visual Studio 2010. You might want to install .NET framework 4.0 to execute this applicaion
  • If somebody needs source-code, please put a comment in this blog

Please provide your valuable comments.

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