Some strange rude problem-solving tips

  1. Your experience might tell you not to go with a challenge but listen to new ideas. Others also got experience
  2. Sometimes brain weights more than experience. Give them a chance
  3. Don’t say ‘NO’ straight away. People are different. Some people might explain why it is a ‘YES’ but some people will go silent, thinking ‘don’t argue with a fool’
  4. Nothing is impossible. Brainstorm! you will get plenty of solutions in paper
  5. Look and smile to opponents after any idea-fight. You need them till you resign. Don’t expect them to give you back a smile
  6. Know to whom you are talking to
  7. Silence can bring miracles, but know when to be silent and when to make sound
  8. Defend with positive statements against negative ones but not vice versa
  9. Analyze, analyze, analyze and analyze before projecting a solution. Even your third analysis can be wrong.
  10. Always produce proof/evidence to support. Quantifying will reduce 60% of talks
  11. Pictures and prototypes can talk
  12. Let mirror and a recorder be your draft audience for complex problems. If yourself do not understand the solution, nobody will

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