Useful hands signals while discussions

I often see people, mainly professionals and educated people use these hand signals in meetings and technical discussions. Let us follow this and upgrade our standards. Smart people understands this and give you some value in the occasion.
A useful PDF here -
And a video here:

Active Listening

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Pronunciation learning tool

This tool will help you to access to American and British pronunciation for the doubtful words without searching the internet.

I call this tool: TFD Pronounce


Download the application from here – from 4Shared

Download the application from here – from DropBox

Points to Note:

  • When you invoke the application, the input box will auto-fill any text in the clipboard
  • When you close the application, it will be minimized to system tray. Right click to exit the application
  • This application uses to play the pronunciation.
  • Since it is a website and I use some crawling technique, this application will stop working any time when they change the website layout.
  • The application is programmed using .NET Framework 4.0 under Visual Studio 2010. You might want to install .NET framework 4.0 to execute this applicaion
  • If somebody needs source-code, please put a comment in this blog

Please provide your valuable comments.

If you are an English pronunciation learner, I recommend you to visit my past post on mis-pronounced words here.

MoSCoW Method

It is a prioritization used to reach a common understanding with all the people (i.e. Stakeholders) involved in projects.

  • M = Must Have
  • S = Should Have
  • C = Could Have
  • W = Won’t have (but would like to have)
Read more on wiki.