How to crack job interviews

I will focus on “.NET interviews” mainly but you can generalize easily. The pattern will be same for any technology domain. Here what I am trying to depict is from an employer point of view i.e., what the company is expecting from you at the time of interview. I stress small to medium size companies.

HR recruitment Process

“Employers want Quality, not quantity”

HR department will assign a person as interviewer only if a person is capable of doing that job. Today’s HR will not recruit any tom-dick-or-harry because a bad recruit is a waste of money for the company and each stakeholder involved is answerable to the management.

A typical life of an vacancy will be:


Basic Expectations

Below are few points most interviewers will expect you to do.

  1. Claim only what you own
  2. Do not blame your past employer, process, technology, clients or the job
  3. You should have a passion towards the job
  4. You should know the Job Description
  5. Knowledge in technology and business
  6. Genuinely of projects in resume, no matter how old it is
  7. You are capable of surviving in situations
  8. You are a good learner
  9. You are a good communicator and you are good to work in a team
  10. Decision maker and problem solver
  11. Your attitude is good and you are not biased
  12. Discipline and dedication
  13. Not fake

Expect more than what is required for the job

An opening occurs when there is a resource requirement in a company. But usually interviews will cover something more than what is really required. This is because the projects might last only for a small period of time but what is the purpose of your existence in the company after that? So even though the interview might stress on the current requirement of the project, you will be evaluated for entire technology domain.

Do not fake

Employers will hate you when:

  1. Fake details in resumes
  2. Fake person attending telephonic interviews
  3. Fake voice dubbing in Skype interviews by slowing down the internet bandwidth

All the faking methods are known by today’s recruiters so you cannot fool them. Even if you fool and get into a company, you will not get ‘confirmed’ if you do not prove them right.

Methods to evaluate a candidate

Analyzing the bandwidth of a candidate in 30-60 minutes is not an easy task so interviewers use ‘random sampling’. They will ask one or two questions from each area and note down their ‘perception’.

Sample candidate assessment sheet for .NET

Most companies use “candidate assessment sheets” to track individual details. You can see a sample technology assessment sheet for .NET below.

Candidate assessment form .net

Candidate assessment form .net (2)

Scoring points in interview

Below are few sample methods usually interviews follow to reach a decision.

Introduce yourself

80% of interviews will have this question. This will help the interviewer mainly:

  1. Walk through of interview and make sure you are able to tell the facts listed in resume
  2. Communication skills
  3. Ice breaker

Note that senior interviews are usually not QnA sessions but discussions.

How will you forcefully release GC
  1. Whether you know GC well
  2. Gives a hint that you are good in .NET basics
What is an aggregator in UML
  1. Knowledge in UML
  2. The depth of your knowledge in Object Analysis and Design, OOPs concepts
  3. Usually the conversation will deviate towards design patterns
What is CI? If you know CI, automatically the discussion will force you to talk about versioning tools, build, process etc.
Which is the latest version of .NET?
  1. Whether you are a good learner
  2. Do you update your knowledge regularly?
  3. Are you an enthusiast?
Explain your project
  1. Requirement understanding and explanation skills
  2. D0es the role handled matches the new role?
  3. Comfortable with working in a team?
Scenario based questions
  1. Design and problem solving skills
  2. Crisis management skills
  3. Selection of right technology and tools
  4. Approach
Where do you want to see yourself in 5 years
  1. Testing your vision and mission
Do you like game “Road of the Dead”?
  1. Psychological question. Your attitude is related to your activities.
Did your manager help you to fix the issue?
  1. Did you like your job?
Talk Less

Interviewers hate those who deviate from the subject and talk more. Also control the speed of the talk.


About the Author

I work for Orion India Systems as a Technical Architect and definitely what I mentioned above is my mindset when conducting an interview.

I am a person who got chance to take interviews from my very first company and used to help few other companies including past employers by taking interviews.

Please let me know your questions and feedback on this article.

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