Employee to Entrepreneur: Taking Initiative is Key

"Become an entrepreneur" if you are not already.

When I say 'become', it doesn't mean you have to quit your job and start a new business. You just need to start thinking like "you are an entrepreneur".
Take the ownership of what ever job assigned to you. That's it. But, by just completing the tasks assigned to you will make you a good 'employee' only. You have to think more, like - what value addition you can bring to the 'environment' and methods to implement it. No workplace is perfect, you have to make it perfect. Stop the blame games and tell people that it is their responsibility to make it perfect.
What will you do if you find paper cups are finished?...
- If you don't have requirement specs, you prepare it.
- If you do not have a tester, you test it.
- Another developer is struggling with a bug, you try to help him.
- If the CFL lamp at the bathroom is not working, you notify it to the respective department.
- If the printer bay area is messy, you paste a notice "don't waste paper'.
- When a new technology is introduced, you send that news to colleagues.
- ...

Think about how you can make your environment perfect.

Once the employee-mindset is converted to an entrepreneur-mindset, you will start feeling changes. Better work environment, respect, promotion...