How passionate are you?

Passion according to wiki is
A term applied to a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion is an intense emotion compelling, enthusiasm, or desire for anything.
and dictionary says:
Strong and barely controllable emotion.
Person 1: I know this person, who ignored sleep for two days to read a book on data analysis, which he believes to be one of his current passionate area. He was confident in just one week to conduct a training to people who are already experts in that area, which is usually a risk and fear factor for common man.

Person 2: Another person, who told me his passion is in the implementation of organizational process and conducting trainings one year back but now he says he does not get much time to conduct trainings or going behind the process.

Which person you think passionate? For me, obviously the first person is more passionate while the other one is affected by external factors and do not want to take risks.

Need for dreams
If you need to call yourself passionate in X then you must have dreams tied to achieve X. You should be having keen interest in X then only you will be "passionate" about it and you will passionately try something to fulfill the dreams. If you think you are not able to achieve it because of tight schedules, kids, commitments then please understand that X is not your dream and you are not passionate about it.

Need for goals
The word dream is very subjective, it can remain for ever as a dream. So decorate it with a goal. A goal requires an objective and a deadline. Once the goal is set, you can work towards fulfilling it through desire, focus, determination, dedication and discipline.

While you are in this race, you will start to feel that your visibility is increasing as a byproduct, that is when people around you start to rumor - “he is very passionate

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