Importance of Aim

Author: Praveen.V.Nair
Date: 14 May 2005
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Did you ever thought why “I am living for”? Some people love to live like free birds and virtually living like that by disturbing others. Of course we cannot live like free birds by avoiding pain to others.

In my opinion, we all have some responsibilities to do in our lives. Some of them recognizes their responsibilities, where as some of them not. We know Jesus, Lord Krishna, Mahatma Gandhi, Thomas Alwa Edison etc., they recognized “why they are born for” and tried to achieve the same. But unfortunately most of us are not trying to find the tasks which as pre-assigned to us and may be we are not even trying to find out what is it.
One must identify himself his abilities, interests, likes and dislikes, etc. from the very beginning itself. Parents can help them to go through the right path. But it is always the duty of every human being to do it itself. There is no meaning in blaming others for your wrong future. We cannot say the son of a robber is always a robber. That depends on how and where he lives. We know the story of Maugli. He used to live with animals and he got the hobbit and nature of animals. One of my old friends told me a sad story long time back. They were five friends studying together, playing together etc. After the examination results published, one of them failed and he said “All my four friends were playing every time and I just followed them”. The other four guys were doing their academic activities silently while our friend identified their one side of face only. When I talk to my old students about their achievements in examinations, they used to say “even my collogue who is sitting besides me got only 25 marks out of 50”.The moral is “one must identify himself correctly then only one will succeed in life”. One person living near a bank will not mean he is wealthy. One can achieve the goals only through his hardworking and thinking only.

“I work for money and that too for a living” – one person says. Such people will not grow and usually they will be always “odd ones” in a team. They will always blame others and they are ruled by jealousy etc. Money should not be a subject for your career. When your career grows your financial status also will grow without your knowledge. Today’s world is looking for candidates with multiple talents and multi-tasking abilities. There are people who don’t know how to cover a book and how to tie with rope. You should be willing to do any job. That way you can learn to live. It should work like a stimulus action. If forgot to take money and wanted to buy something, what to do? Probably you lend from your fellow friends or use credit card. It is a stimulus action which is a result of your brain and not a ‘rule’ made by the ancestors. For this stimulus action to be worked perfectly, you need resources. In this example the resources may be friends or the credit card. The resources will be the results of your behavior, knowledge etc. and you achieved them through thinking, experience etc.
Oh! You got 100% marks? You are brilliant! I cannot reach there.”. You may heard this so many times. May be you also used to say like that. You are confident that you cannot reach there.William A. Foster says:
Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution

This is one of my favorite quotes. If you dream a sea, you will get at least a lake. Nothing is impossible. If you try hard you will win. You must have intense desire to achieve goals. Another important thing is concentration. Most of the people is facing difficulty in concentration. It is healable through meditation, yoga etc. If you cannot concentrate you cannot do things effectively and you will result in by-hearting everything. In a chess game, there are 64 cells. If you check the security of each and every cells, you won’t fail. No any soldier will die without your knowledge. But if you are running for killing other soldiers without caring your side, failure is not so far.

In my words, to succeed you must do the following:
- Identify your tastes. Means you have to identify what you want to be, why I want to be, etc.
- Find ways to implement your tastes.
- Collecting information regarding your future career.
- Thinking, deeper thinking.
- Give exercises to your mind. Like playing memory game, puzzle etc.
- Try to invent new things. Of course there are so many things our inventors missed.
- Dream!
In studies, everybody’s brain is almost same structure and size. We are using only very less space. By constant practice you can make your brain a super computer. You can add 4+4 with your mind. Try to add 3+2 and 9+2 at the same time. At first you may not be able to. But with practice you can do complex mathematical expressions at the same time. The logic is - imagine your memory as a virtual paper and divide it in to multiple sections and do the manipulations differently.May be you seen some project managers, when you have difficulty in any modules, they will come up with fast solutions to help you. After that you may be wondering “he is great! Why I didn’t think in that way?”. But you are sure for the same situation next time you will survive without anybody’s help. That is the same case with that project manager who helped you. He came up with a solution just because he also faced such a situation. In simple words we can say, he achieved that through his “experience”. Let me tell you :
When you try to learn something, try to learn at least 4-5 Kms around that.

You know, “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”. This will help you only while speaking to others. They will think you are great when hearing technical words from your mouth. But when practical situation comes, you will fail.

We must have one aim in your life to achieve your dream goals. That aim must match your abilities, financial status, desire etc. If you think I will get more money if I became a Doctor, then you wont succeed. If you think you have skill which helps to grow in a field, then that is your way to go. If you know how to develop hobby products in electronics, then technology is your way.Study more about that field and try to invent new things. Make new friends who belong to same field and share knowledge. Help and being helped.That way you will be a success in your life. So identify yourself and fix one aim today itself.

If you don’t know where to go then why you are driving?